Saturday, January 30, 2010

Setting our sights on South Georgia...

Helllooo all,

Last email before heading out. Setting sail today after we spend a couple of hours ahead this morning with Argentinian customs' shenanigans and strutting officials prior to send off. A short sail tomorrow from Ushaia (the most southerly 'city' in the world) to Puerto Williams, Chile (the most furtherest southerly 'town'). This is one way Argentina and Chile like to pee in each other's cornflakes. That and the fact they both claim the Antarctic peninsula on their respective maps and in their nightly news channel's weather reports...gotta love South American politics!

We are headed to Puerto Williams to pick up some fresh water as Ushuaia somehow managed to ruin their beautiful glacially fresh water source in the 1 km it takes to reach town...hhhhmmmm....their is suddenly a lot of new and very strong chemicals in the water this year....

Tomorrow we are going to be introduced to learning the ropes and routines. And today, I learned all about the mizen and main masts, booms, and sails. I even know what a genoa sail is....such a greenhorn! Really looking forward to learning so much about sailing, off shore weather, and bigger-boat-than-a-kayak navigation and sooooo much more!

It should take us 7-10 days to sail across to South Georgia. Then straight down to Gritvykn and our official debriefing by the political representatives that reside at the whaling station. Time to unpack and dust off Hayley's boat and kit it up with all of her gear. The two kayaks had been previously shipped there by our beloved polar tour company, Quark/Peregrine. This avoided months of red tape and thousands of dollars in fees and bribes in Ush-vegas.

Then it is time to set Hayley off on her solo voyage and tour the island. We are hoping to stay nice and close to her as well as find some time to go ashore and view the brilliant sights, sounds, and of course, les animaux extraordinaire!!!

The next blogs will be sent to and posted by the ever so kind, Mike Jackson as internet will be limited to very minimal correspondence emails only. You can follow Hayley's progress on her website tracking map. We should be in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands in time for our flight out of there on March 20. Then for a few days in the warm climes in the vicinity of Santiago, Chile where we will fly out of on March 25th for home:)

Till then, wishing you all lots of love!

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  1. Very cool! I will follow your progress and I am really looking forward to seeing pictures when you are back, you will have to come and give a presentation to us!