Friday, April 2, 2010

Second leg of the looong ride home!!!

After another great day seeing the beautiful sites of Buenos Aires, receiving wonderful massages, more beautiful feasting and relaxing, and a wee Argentinian style cirque de soleil thrown in for good measure; we are about to start our 29 hour flight of the milkrun home. Worth every red minute in the fair skies. Soooo very excited!

Off to kill a few preflight hours with Hayley and Miles (chef on a ship we have worked on) touring the sites unseen in the wickedly wonderful city, including but not limited to, some divine raw food restauranteering, Easter friday markets, and tango on the streets. You have to love a city that offers all that up and more.

Looking forward to being in Canada and hopefully with all 7 uber large bags in tow!! See some of y'all soon and a very blessed Easter to you,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

En the long route home...wooohoooo!!

Arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday afternoon to cram our 7 giant extra uber large and over stuffed duffels into a micro car with both of us neatly tucked in between and under it all. Safely installed in the Milonga Hostel we headed out for some pampering via a deep conditioning scalp massage followed by a non-mullet style nice to not need to roll up some smokes in my shirt sleeve to accessorize my previous 'do'. Met up with some friends from the cruise ships for some beautiful Argentinian feasting. Loving the beautiful beef and vino is so good:)

Off to site see this amazing town and soak up some more delights before heading to the airport tomorrow for a much longed for return home. Woohoo:)